About Us

Sheri Hupfer is a prolific artist - weaving found object jewelry, painting, clothing, sculpture, curriculums of planetary discovery, and music as Of Artemis for the better part of two decades. Having traveled the world many times over, her unbridled thirst for discovery through immersion is clearly available in her wide berth of work. 

Mark Schwaber is a musician/writer who has toured 19 countries and worked in studios with Lloyd Cole, Shadows Fall, Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr), Fred Maher (Lou Reed), Joan Wasser (Joan as Policewoman), Killswitch Engage, Matthew Sweet, and Mary Lou Lord among hundreds more. Mark has also released award-winning music under the monikers Hospital, and Home, as well as 5 eponymous releases, with a 6th in the midst of recording. 

Mark & Sheri met 15 years prior. A mysterious phone message from Sheri once bled into a track that was being recorded by Mark without him knowing it was there. It appeared as a ghost during the mixing process (hear “The Medicine You Sent’ from 2006’s The Killing Card) and foreshadowed a friendship and musical connection that was written for them. Sheri recently moved back to Massachusetts after a 15-year stay (most recently in Austin TX) and the two have been working on a collaborative writing process since. That process recently took center stage for them, and they are very excited to invite you to explore their new band; Revenant Sea. 

2019 will bring a full-length release, videos, and many tour dates.